Descrizione Progetto



We present a selection with some of our recent projects were character animation was involved.

Most of the works presented here where developed while at Tax Free Film where our contribution and skills as Directors, Producer, VFX Supervisors, Render and Character Pipeline was fundamental.


Clients: Sperlari, Crai, Perfetto, Chicco, Parmareggio, Riso Gallo, Daikin, Ferrarelle, Nestlè, FCA, Ferrero, Inhouse, Lete, Payback, Ubi Bank, Zacol, Kinder, Milestone, Vodafone, RioMare

Production Company: H7-25 Studio, Tax Free Film
Direction by: KCTOO, Punku, Franco Tassi, Alessandro Mattei

Executive Producer: Giulio Leoni
VFX Supervisors: Andrea Gasparo – Federico Ghirardini