Descrizione Progetto



A hard time just passed by, and we have an exciting rendezvous waiting for us.
As the name for the new Crai-Secom campaign suggests, we are thrilled to get back together and enjoy a spectacular dawn for a new day, both visually and metaphorically.

H7-25 Studio and Mosquito Rome produced an incredible little story that we are sure you will want to watch over and over again.


Client: Crai Secom
Agency: Mosquito

Production Company: H7-25 Studio
Directed by: KCTOO

Executive Producer: Giulio Leoni
VFX Supervisors: Andrea Gasparo – Federico Ghirardini
H7-25 Team: Andrea Gasparo, Federico Ghirardini, Brian Chinnery, Federico Vandin, Gabriel Guerreschi, Francesco Zabot
Concept Artists: Giacomo Tappainer – Fabio Farinelli
Matte Painter: Nicole Iacobelli