Descrizione Progetto



The favourite rooster by every respectable gourmet is back, and today he will show us how Riso Gallo sustainable and quality driven production chain is composed, preserving the flavour in every single grain.

We joined forces with Armando Testa and Little Bull to create a new episode where, as usual, no real food was shoot.
As in the past, we continued our collaboration recreating amazing recipes in computer graphics with the help from the guys at Studio Gamma.


Client: Riso Gallo
Agency: Armando Testa

Production Company: H7-25 Studio, Little Bull
Directed by: KCTOO
Executive Producer: Giulio Leoni
VFX Supervisors: Andrea Gasparo – Federico Ghirardini

H7-25 Team: Andrea Gasparo, Federico Ghirardini, Federico Vandin, Gabriel Guerreschi, Ludovica Di Benedetto, Francesco Zabot, Brian Chinnery

Food Photography and Styling: Studio Gamma

Illustrations: French Carlomagno