We are very proud to present our contribution for Stiga’s new range of gardening products.
We were approached by H-Farm Innovation to produce some impossible shots regarding complex flowers and grass animations to convey the client’s attention to nature health: we heavily relied on several in-house tools to create photorealistic trees and ultra closeup cameras.
On top of that, we were tasked to create a full cg bee and of course we went the extra mile animating every single subframe that a real bee would do: each 240 of them.
You will get a taste of what it takes to do this in our reel for this project: we are sure it is nothing short of be(e)autiful.


Client: Stiga
Agency: Maize

VFX Producer: Giulio Leoni
VFX Supervisors: Andrea Gasparo – Federico Ghirardini
H7-25 Team: Andrea Gasparo, Federico Ghirardini, Brian Chinnery, Francesco Zabot, Jasmine Sciortino